The Ripe Fruit Experience

RIPE FRUIT invites you to confront your ideas about your own limitations as a writer. You will be challenged to go deep, tell the truth, see what you have never permitted yourself to see and write what you have never written.

RIPE FRUIT  frees you to use your imagination intensively through group writing, automatic writing, childhood writing, character writing and by writing in forms that are new to you.

RIPE FRUIT  puts poetry back into your writing. Language, like culture, is fertile, generative, and above all, alive. You will become a language inventor rather than a language technician. Through practice, you will discover and express what is most important to you. Powerfully. Memorably. In a way that affects and moves people.

RIPE FRUIT cultivates your sensuality. You will develop your vitality of perception. You will rediscover what you knew as a child: how to pay attention to and notice what is around you – the details, smells, textures, colors, tastes, sounds, nuances of feeling. You will practice writing with all your senses finely tuned.

RIPE FRUIT trains you to see like a fine cinematographer, hear with the ear of a musician, perceive character, light, color, and composition like an artist. With new impetus and sensitivity, you will develop a keen and consistent awareness that will energize your writing. And, in fact, add excitement to every aspect of your life.

The RIPE FRUIT experience has been described by many as a new beginning at whatever stage of development.