What Makes Ripefruit Unique

“Ripe Fruit is not just a cold shower or a quick dip. With three classes and a place to land afterwards, I feel supported in a process of development that extends into the future. The fact that there is a series of RF workshops acknowledges that moving forward in this direction takes substantial time and patience. A single workshop, or a repeating workshop would not have provided this kind of context and support for the full process.”

“What amazed me was the teacher’s talent for delivering a high level of structure – sound, metaphor, line, etc. in such a fun and creative format. (Either teachers are so formal, creativity withers, or they are so loose, the work doesn’t get anchored.) This class was more interactive – the structure tighter, the creative emphasis more joyful, the content much more engaging than anything I’ve done.”

“I have never before taken a writing class that focussed on how to become a writer, how to change one’s vision, how to challenge one’s perception in order to find one’s unique voice. Most classes I’ve taken have been more about structure and grammar and ‘don’ts’ rather than ‘dos’.”

“Ripe Fruit is totally different from other writing classes I’ve taken. Leslie encourages imagination. She demands imagination; my brain is newly tilled and hydrophonic”

“The biggest strength was Leslie’s ability to allow others to find their own cadence and voice. I have never met anyone who teaches who has this ability to create a space in which students can bring out of themselves what even they did not know was in them.”

“The teaching was strong, direct and inspired confidence in risk-taking. Many teachers speak of taking risks and saying whatever needs to be said, but here there was a feeling that it was truly desired – and expected. I cherish that.”

“I have worked with an informal writing group and I have taken creative writing classes at SFSU and other institutions. This workshop has been the best of both worlds, a combination of a class where ideas/techniques are taught and tried, and a source of feedback and supportive community. Anyone who has known me through these past few months has seen…the beneficial effects. This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.”